16 Tips for Searching Google like a Pro


As everybody knows Google is a powerful search engine and it helps to find information, maps, images and websites. As a Google user most of the people perform obscure search which returns millions of results, by doing this we are missing out Google search engine power. Did you know that Google can do fast and simple calculations, find dates and provide speedy information which you are looking for.

Let us explore tips and tricks with the use of few operators and search techniques to find more relevant Google search results like a pro:

1. Use (“ ”) or (+)

If searching for a specific quote then use quotation marks (“ ”). The Google will find out the results containing accurate set of words without any change in order. You can also use a plus sign (+) immediately before the word without any space; it will provide you the same result as from quotation marks.

Search Google Pro-Quotation

2. Use (:)

If Searching information from a specific website then use the keyword with the name of your desired website and separate them with double colon [facebook :]. You can specify domain as well like [abc: .gov] or [abc: .org]. It will show result only from government site or in case of other domain only from sites with your required domain.

Search Google Pro-Colon

3. Use (-)

If you want to exclude a specific word from your search results then you can use a minus sign. This will omit the word following minus sign from search results except the words where minus sign is used as a hyphen like [meditation-yoga]. This example will show websites containing information about meditation-yoga.

Search Google Pro-Minus

4. Use (*)

If searching for an unclear information about a specific thing then use (*). The Google will find out all possible combination of information to the related post like [* money].

Search Google Pro-Asterix

5. Use (OR)

You can give Google a choice between two keywords by using OR operator. The Google will submit results about either of the two keywords like [FIFA 2010 OR 2014]. The resulting sites will be about FIFA 2010 or FIFA 2014 whereas if you expel OR operator than the consequence will include those sites which contain the information about both.

Search Google Pro-OR

6. Use (filetype:)

If you want to have a result only in a specific file type then write your keyword along with filetype:pdf like [train filetype:jpg].

Search Google Pro-Filetype

7. Use (link:)

You can even found links of a webpage by using query like [link:].

Search Google Pro-Link

8. Use (define:)

If you are searching for a definition then you can refine your search by adding the word “define” with a colon like this [define: blog]. This will give you result which holds definition of the word only.

Search Google Pro-Define

9. Use (allinanchor:) and (allintitle:)

If you are searching for a web page of that object which is popular for something then use [allinanchor: useful career sites] and [allintitle: time management] to view a page with a title containing “time” and “management”.

Search Google Pro-Allinanchor

10. Use (phone book:)

If you are searching for phone number from a specific region then use phone book: like [phone book: texas].

Search Google Pro-Phonebook

11. Use (movie:)

You can find sources related to movies only by using query like [movie: houston]. This will give you result not only about movie but also its showtimes, reviews etc.

Search Google Pro-Movie

12. Use (stock:)

If you want only stock information or finance news then write your keyword or ticker symbols along with stocks: like this [stocks: Google].

Search Google Pro-Stocks

13. Calculator

Google helps us in performing calculation using Google calculator. You do not need to waste your time in searching for calculator. It works like any simple calculator, try it and make your calculations easy.

Search Google Pro-Calculator

14. Time

If you are searching for time to reset your clocks then Google will let you know the time of any city of the world by this tool. Find time by writing time in the search box with the name of the city.

Search Google Pro-Time

15. Unit conversion

Conversions of units are also very comfy now by Google unit conversion. Type the desired unit with the amount that you want to convert and get the converted rate.

Search Google Pro-Unit

16. Currency conversion

This is another tool by Google, using this you can convert any currency amount into desired currency you want.

Search Google Pro-Currency

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