6 Way to Maximize Your Gadget Battery Life


Does the battery on your smartphone/mobile, tablet, or laptop not last very long? If the device is older than a year, short battery life could be the sign of an ageing battery. You can either opt to get the battery replaced or follow certain measures to maximize gadget battery life. However, there’s no reason for you to start doing this only when you experience trouble – for best results, implement these practices from day one.

The Basics 

Before you follow the How to guide, it’s important to know a few facts. Our smartphones, tablets and laptops use lithium-ion batteries. These batteries will lose capacity over time. Batteries are designed to retain up to 80 percent of their capacity for a limited number of charge cycles. This number will be slightly higher for bigger, more expensive batteries, typically found in tablets or laptops. 

Let us understand, “What’s a charge cycle?” The battery completes one charge cycle when you charge it to 100 percent and drain it to 0. If you charge it to 50 percent and then drain it completely, you only complete half a charge cycle. 

Maximize Gadget Battery Life

You can’t change the laws of physics, but you can reduce the damage it receives on a day-to-day basis in the course of regular use. You just need to be aware of a few simple things, to keep your gadget batteries healthy for as long as possible:

1. Take care of Battery temperature

The temperature affects smartphone, laptop, tablet and other gadgets battery. The power capacity of your gadget may reduce if the temperature is either too high or too low. Avoid exposure of direct sunlight or keeping it below the freezing point. Though if your gadget battery is excessively heated, it may result in more harm.

2. Adjust the brightness

Screen eats up a lot of power in smartphone, tablet and other gadgets especially in laptops. The bigger and longer screen is, more will be the battery consumption. Also adjust the screen brightness because more light and brightness will drain more power. Adjust the brightness to lowest level or to a level you are comfortable at.

3. Turn off your background apps 

There are number of apps that may be running in the background. Background apps like Wi-Fi signals, GPS, Bluetooth and few other applications should be switched off. These applications drain off a lot of power and you may not be aware of it. So check and switch off all the background app or functions you aren’t using.

4. Plug off when battery is charged

When your battery gets 100% charged, plug it off. Overcharging the battery is also not good for battery health, and this may compromise safety. Whenever your laptop is 99% or 100% charged, immediately remove it from charging. Overcharging may also harm it in long run and reduce the battery life.

5. Battery saving mode

Many modern gadgets today are loaded with power saving mode. Put your battery in Airplane Mode or power saving mode to extend battery life. Power saving mode automatically adjust or make changes and saves a good amount of power.

6. Keep your battery 50% when no use

When you are not using your gadget for a while, you should keep it 50% charge. If you are planning for a vacation or will turn off your gadgets for a while, keep your gadget storage 50%. Keep it under 32-degree temp or moderate temperature regardless of the brand.

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