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Rajesh Giribuwa

Rajesh Giribuwa holds a Master of Management Studies degree in Information Technology from premier institute along with Bachelor of Engineering degree. Rajesh has started his professional career in year 1998, since then he worked in renowned IT organizations around the world – Europe, USA, Middle East & India.

Besides as an IT professional, Rajesh is also a motivational leader, blogger, author & founder of TheBlogOn.com, a blog. Rajesh is passionate about blogging on various subjects to help you to take maximum benefits and make your life enjoyable and simpler.

You can contact Rajesh at: rajesh@theblogon.com

About TheBlogOn

TheBlogOn, launched in 2016 as a blog site where he wrote tips, tricks and how-to guides on various topics like Digital, Lifestyle, Health, Food, and Travel to provide access to comprehensive advice to people to improve their lives every day, so that they can utilize the maximum time in doing what they like.

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