How to Fix Excess Salt in Food


Sometimes you may try to prepare new dishes by reading the cook books or watching cooking shows. And you may face a situation that dish has too much salt than is required. Too much salt not only spoil the dish but also it is not good for health. Adding less salt is much better than having too much salt.

Let me share today few tips on how to fix excess salt in food which I gathered from my wife, books and cooking shows:

Fixing excess salt in Curry, Gravy, Soups, Dal

1. Add Wheat Flour Dough

Prepare small balls of wheat flour dough (about ½ inch) and add it to the dish. Keep it for 10-15 minutes and then take it out of the dish. Just remember that wheat flour dough sucks the salt. Numbers of dough balls are depends upon the quantity of excess salt, which need to be fix.

2. Add Boiled Potato

Boil small potato and place ½ inch in size potato in the dish and wait for 10 minutes before taking it out from dis. Potato also sucks the excess salt. Number of potato pieces depends upon the quantity of excess salt, which need to be fix.

3. Add Water

Quick solution to fix the access salt is to add water to the dish, but you have to be very careful that the essence of originality of dish should not be lost.

4. Add Milk

If you also looking for the thickness of the dish while reducing the excess salt in the dish than it is better to add milk instead water.

Fixing excess salt in dry food or dish

1. Add Curd

Adding small amount of curd will also reduce the excess saltiness of your dry vegetable dish. If you want to vanish the curd, then you need to cook the dish for nearly 10 minutes on medium flame.

2. Add Cream/Malai

Addition of cream/malai will also help in reducing the excess saltiness in the dry dish. It is also a good substitute to curd.

3. Add more Vegetables

You can add more boiled vegetables of the primary ingredients to the dish or you can convert vegetable curry into gravy dish by adding fry chopped onions and tomatoes till it get diluted in the dish with small amount of water without any addition of salt. And cook it for 4-5 minutes so that all ingredients are mixed well.

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