How to Prepare Before You Travel


Travel trip to the different places provides exposure to different cultures, different food, and different languages. A proper scheduling your trip, involves careful planning. If you are travelling for first time to new destination, you need to prepare before you travel. Find the handy tips to make your trip the best ever.

1. Travel Documents

  • Take 3 printouts of the flight tickets/confirmations, entire travel itinerary, passport copy, identification form, travel insurance, ATM/Credit Card.
  • Keep first set of print out in the Passport pouch and second set in the hand baggage. And give third set to someone you trust or relative to always know where your next movement.
  • Store scan copy of the flight tickets/confirmations, entire travel itinerary, passport copy, identification form, travel insurance in mobile gadget.

2. Money

  • Look up the exchange rate of your destination countries before you go.
  • Bank account withdrawal at overseas can be a huge cost, so make sure you know the fees. It a good idea to upgrade to a premium account that includes international ATM withdrawals
  • Make sure your credit card will work in the travel country.
  • Not every place (like train or buses) accepts the credit card, always carry the local cash
  • Try to avoid use of traveler’s checks, as fees can be very costly.
  • Be sure sufficient cash is available in Bank account before leaving for your trip to deal with any emergency. 

3. Security

  • Register with your embassy. If there is any problem in travel country, this will help embassy to get in touch with you.

4. Local Research

  • Do research ahead of time and book a reservation at a hostel that is both nice and inexpensive. Walking around with a backpack on looking for a cheaper place to stay isn’t fun when you’re exhausted from traveling all day.
  • Check out Craigslist,HomeAway, Vacation Rentals by Owner (VRBO), and AirBnB for apartments to rent in the places you’re visiting — these are often cheaper than hotels and hostels.
  • Buy tickets in advance you want to visit or see. Look for more deals targeted toward you.
  • Buy travel guidebooks usually include maps, key words or phrases, and give you enough detail.
  • Do research on the local customs, language, national food & drink to enjoy travel experience
  • Check the weather forecast before travelling as it may affect your trip positively or negatively.

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5. Luggage

  • Carry an extra pack of clothes in your carry-on bag. Because if any luggage get lost by the airline you have something else to wear.
  • Make sure to look at airline’s rules on check-in and check-out baggage to avoid any incremental fees. Each airline has its own set of guidelines as to how many bags can be checked or carried on for free.
  • Based on the weather condition carry the warm clothes, umbrella, etc.

6. Health

  • Make sure that proper vaccinations are taken as per travel country norms.
  • Check with medical insurance provider that your policy applies overseas for emergencies. If not, add extra medical coverage as supplemental insurance
  • Always carry antibiotic/pills that is used to treat all kinds of things

7. Electronics

  • Carry multiple charger adapter for charging based on travel country specifications. As different countries have different size plugs and voltage.
  • Activate global roaming on your mobile handset.
  • Download most of the travel destination details, travel map in mobile gadgets.

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