How to Keep Your Plants Watered While on Vacation


Before going on any vacation, you will be always worrying about your household plants, as you don’t your plants are wilted, dried and you would like to keep plants watered.

You need to always remember plants suffer when the roots are too wet or too dry, so it is important to ensure that your plants receive just the right amount of moisture to keep them alive without causing root rot.

Before packing your bags for vacation, follow few steps to water plants during your vacation or while you’re away:

1. Moisture bottom of the pot

First fill the water tub with ¼ inch of water.  Place a layer of gravel or brick in the water tub and place Plant pot on it, let maximum moisture to get penetrate the bottom of the pot.

 2. Drip water irrigation system

Take an empty plastic bottle and at the bottom of the bottle make few holes with the help of nail. Place the bottle on the top of the soil and fill the bottle with water. Water will slowly start dripping into the soil.

3. Using Self-watering probes

To provide your plants with a continual source of water, purchase a self-watering probe.

Soak the wick or ceramic cone in water for at least 15 minutes before inserting the probe into the soil. Place the probe’s flexible tubing into a container of water large enough to keep the plant moist.

4. String water system

First fill the bottle or bucket with water and place it up on the platform or stool or table.  Take a water absorbent string and place one end of the string deep in the plat soil and place the other end of the string into the water bottle or bucket. The water will move slowly due to capillary action way up the string to the plant soil.  

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