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How many times have you end up in wrong place and wonder if you had taken any wrong turn during travelling? And if it happens in unknown place or foreign country, then you will confuse as to what to do? In such situation travel maps will be of great help, but you should know how to read travel map. As a tourist you must know how to check the landmarks, index, and scale in a map. A slight difference or mistake in reading can lead you to an entirely unknown spot. Let us explore how to read travel map:

1. Understand the map symbols, signs and legends

In the map look for different map symbols, signs and legends and try to understand what different symbols mean. Normally, green means ground and blue means water. It is better to know basic land-forms like roads, buildings, and mountains. Few normal forms are:

  • Railway lines are represented as railway tracks
  • Roads and highways are represented by yellow or gray lines.
  • Buildings are represented by the shape of the roof.
  • Mountains are represented by up-side-down.

2. Identify – Where you are?

First step as a navigational guide in the map reading is to locate your location in the map. Based on the location, route the destination on map. Best way to locate your location is to look for landmarks listed on the map. Common features that help identify your location on a map include road names, landmarks and prominent natural features, like rivers.

3. Identify – Where you want to go?

Next step as a navigational guide in the map reading is to locate your destination in the map. If you have to visit many places, then best way is to travel the near place near to your location and then the next nearest location to visit all locations.

4. Carry a compass or map index

To find out the direction make use of compass as it will help you to look out at which direction you need to head to. You can also make use of map’s index which may carry names of some landmarks and also the distances between the two destinations.

5. Plot your route on map

Next plot the route on map with a pen for reference with reference to the landmarks. Always try to refer the route map. Plotted route on map, help in building your confidence to explore an unknown place.

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